Wind Storm Damage

Experienced Storm Damage Restoration

Living in the Lansing area, we experience storm and wind damage from weather extremes not found in other parts of the country. These extremes range from hot and humid in the summer to bitter cold in the winter and everything in between.

These changes bring high wind and other types of storm and wind conditions. Often, our homes and other structures, such as garages or barns are damaged by lightning strikes, hail, fallen trees, or other types of storm and wind damage.

The wind, rain, hail, or lightning may cause minor damage or may result in severe damage to your home or business. If a tree has fallen on your roof, the siding has been torn off by high wind, or a lightning has struck and damaged your building and possessions, don’t worry! We offer 24/7 emergency services for your convenience.

Storm and Wind Damage Restoration Services

  • Emergency boarding up or tarping
  • Water damage restoration
  • Contents cleaning and restoration
  • Debris removal and disposal
  • Odor remediation

24/7 Emergency Services

If the wind or fallen debris has damaged your roof, walls, or windows, our team will secure your home, tarp your roof, and board up your windows. If necessary, S & S Contracting will coordinate the removal of trees from your property.    

Water damage restoration services include the drying out of the structure and your personal property. This takes place after the initial water extraction and removal have been completed.

Water damage restoration also involves the calculated placement and monitoring of specialty drying equipment. This equipment is placed where water has permeated ceilings, walls, and floors.
Wind Storm Damage

Contents Cleaning and Restoration

Depending on the severity of the storm and wind damage, it may be possible to dry and clean your personal property on location. We may need to pack up and transport your belongings to our facility for cleaning and repair services.
Wind Storm Cleaning

Debris Removal

Rely on us for safe removal of debris from your property. Depending on the extent of loss to personal and structural property, a dumpster may be placed on location to dispose of items.

Personal contents that can be identified but are unsalvageable will be labeled and photographed. We will then review these items with you prior to disposal.
Wind Storm Damage

Odor Remediation

It may be necessary to thermal fog or ozone structural and personal property, depending on the nature of the storm and wind damage to your home or office. Water that has entered the home as a result of flooding or exterior damage to your building can leave behind a musty residual odor.
Wind Storm Damage

We Work With Your Insurance

Whatever restoration services you need, you can rely on S & S Contracting to coordinate the work required to restore your property. If you have suffered storm or wind damage to your home or business, contact your insurance representative and Lansing area storm and wind damage restoration specialists, S & S Contracting, immediately at 517-337-1001. 
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