Fire Damage

Skilled Fire Damage Restoration Services

If you have suffered a fire loss, you deserve an experienced fire and smoke damage restoration team. Count on the Lansing area's fire and smoke damage restoration specialists at S & S Contracting.

Fire and smoke damage to your home or business can be devastating. Fire can completely consume and destroy a building. The destruction can leave you with little to identify as you try to create a list of what was lost.

Smaller fires may seem as overwhelming. Smoke damage from a small fire can leave you with a catastrophe. Smoke infiltrates every crevice; it permeates upholstery and can permanently stain porous materials, such as plastics.

After the local fire department has bravely responded and extinguished your fire, you may also have high levels of water and moisture in your building. This compounds the problem and requires water damage restoration services.

Remediating Fire and Smoke Damage

A fire can originate in one room, but due to smoke, water, and heat damage, the effects can be evident throughout your building.

Many of us remember, “stop, drop, and roll.” Rolling seems obvious as rolling on the ground can extinguish your clothing if ignited as it deprives the fire of oxygen, but why stop and drop? Smoke and heat from a fire rise and inhaling this air can be deadly.

The temperature at the floor level of a fire-consumed room with 8’ ceilings can be 300 degrees, similar to putting your head inside of an oven. Temperatures at the ceiling level can exceed 1,500 degrees; not something you want to inhale.

Additionally, an item like window drapes may suddenly ignite as the material reaches its combustion point; the fire does not need to touch the drapes for this to occur. Smoke and heat damage can be heaviest at the highest points of a room and can also destroy the structure and your personal property.

Initial Inspections and 24/7 Emergency Services

If you have had a fire in your home or building, please contact your insurance representative and S & S Contracting immediately. Your insurance carrier will assign an adjuster and possibly a fire investigator to inspect the extent of damage to your home.

If the cause of the fire is in question, they may have a State of Michigan fire marshal or insurance fire inspector investigate. Determining the cause of the fire is important in helping to avoid a repeat of this tragedy.

Until the insurance company has approved the loss for fire and smoke damage restoration, there are still some emergency services available.
Fire Damage

Boarding Up and Temporary Power

If the fire created openings to the outdoors through broken windows or holes in the exterior walls or roof, the building should be boarded up and secured. Securing your home or office will not only help prevent further damage to your property, but will also deter theft or possible injury to a nosy neighbor.

If the power service to your building has been damaged, temporary service can be established in order to make repairs and maintain crucial appliances, such as sump pumps.  
Fire Damage

Fire Restoration Process

After fire or smoke damage occurs, a number of conditions need to be addressed immediately. The procedures generally involved following a fire loss are:
  • On-location and off-location content cleaning
  • Debris removal
  • Water damage restoration
  • Odor remediation
  • Structural reconstruction
Fire Damage

Debris Removal and Content Restoration

Once your insurance carrier has inspected the fire damage for restoration, the restoration can begin. Depending on the severity of the fire or smoke damage, personal property may be cleaned on location or packed up and transported to the S & S Contracting facility for cleaning and repair.

Generally, if your property isn't habitable due to fire damage, then your contents will be removed. Fire and smoke damage can be overwhelming. Let S & S Contracting be there for you during this challenging time.

S & S Contracting will remove fire debris and ventilate the structure to prepare for the remainder of the fire damage restoration. Depending on the extent of the loss, a dumpster may be placed on location.

Identifiable personal contents that are unsalvageable will be photographed, labeled, and reviewed with you prior to disposal. The photos will assist you in creating a content summary of lost items, which can be a daunting task.

Once the damaged property has been removed, the structural areas can be prepped for construction for smoke and water damage restoration.
Fire Damage

Smoke Damage Restoration

The source of smoke and heat damage and the type of property being cleaned will determine the smoke damage restoration process and salvageability of your property. Even smoke caused by a furnace malfunction can permeate inside cabinets, light fixtures, appliances, electronic equipment, and more.

Various sources of smoke damage include:
  • Electrical fires from faulty wiring or overloaded circuits
  • Chimney fires or smoke caused from a shut flue damper
  • Furnace “puff backs"
  • Grease fires and overcooked food
Smoke damage restoration can be overwhelming. It can require more labor hours to clean than imaginable. Depending on the situation, the process and techniques used to save an item can change. Just wiping down a chair or wall with a damp rag can actually set the smoke into the item.

At S & S Contracting, our technicians are trained and experienced in smoke damage restoration. Depending on the cause of the smoke damage, your property may also have water and odor issues. 
Water Damage

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage restoration is handled with similar techniques, procedures, and equipment as water damage created from a broken pipe. Learn more about water damage today.
Fire Damage

Odor Remediation

Odor remediation is generally included as a step in the fire and smoke damage restoration process, as smoke and odors from burned property can permeate upholstered furniture or even set into the structure.
Fire Damage

Emergency Services Are Available

S & S Contracting is a full-service restoration company with emergency services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Let us assist you during this challenging time. Call 517-337-1001 now to protect your property from further damage.
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